Electrical & Computer Engineering Building

Champaign, Illinois



Project Overview

The ECE Building is designed to be one of the largest net-zero energy building of its kind in the country, and includes countless features to help meet that goal. It’s accomplished LEED Platinum certification.

Solar arrays on the building’s roof, as well as on the roof of a nearby parking structure, will provide electricity. The building also features several passive heating and cooling features, including a distinctive terra cotta exterior and sun shades. A chilled-beam heating and cooling system is also incredibly energy-efficient.

The building’s fourth-floor Advanced Power Applications Lab allows faculty members and gradu­ate students roof access to conduct research with the building’s solar panels, as well.

This project was completed by Williams Brothers Construction Inc. (WBCI) in 2014.

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Mark Eddington, P.E., District Manager
Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District

His ability to dissect and accurately interpret drawings

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Kyle Fisher
Project Manager, Construction Services | Illinois State University - Facilities planning, Design and Construction